We understand that investing your hard earned money in advertising is not an easy thing. This is why we want to inform you of all that you need to know before making that commitment. We at Kreaction Inc. will never print a design for your project that you were not satisfied with. That is why we work with you before and in the progress of the design stage to provide with a design that you will be happy to represent you and your company.

Most customers’ orders are basic enough that we can sometimes provide design proof the same day. However, we ask the customer to please wait 1-2 business days for us to provide a proof. More complex work or design work that requires a bit more attention can take little longer. We will give you a time frame for your proof at time of ordering.

All orders and services here at Kreaction Inc. are custom made to our customers. Therefore we do not provide refunds.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We would love to work with you if any part of your job was printed wrong. We will happily reprint your job if it has any print defects such as a bad cutting, wrong material used, or an installation error.

We are not responsible for grammar or information accuracy though. We provide digital proofs for all of our customers to revise and approve in writing. We will never print any job that has not been approved by the customer. If you made an error and approved a design with incorrect information, we do offer a one time discounted rate to reprint your job.