About us

OUR MISSION: You’re actually reading this! Our mission is pretty simple and straightforward: To provide you with honest service and quality products that will give your business a new, clean and modern new look to then be able to adjust to our ever changing world of advertising.

OUR VISION: The world of advertising is always changing and so our vision is to transmit what we learn back to you, our clients. Never stop learning and never stop sharing. We came with nothing and so we leave with nothing so why not share it. Your brain does not come with a cloud storage subscription fee.

Our values

We at Kreaction strongly believe in principles that will yield results depending on what we as persons deploy into the world. Therefore if we pour out positivity, we will receive positivity. Knowing that most of our clients are business owners, we wish to treat them just how we would love to see them treat others.

Always remembering that; “We reap what we sow” so let us all learn from each other to sow right, so we can reap right.


Sahid Bacha
CEO | Creative Director

Hesus Rico

Hesus Rico
Senior Graphic Designer

Our commitment

It’s very simple because we are a very simple kind of team! We will always do our best to help our clients in any way, shape, or form that we can with the tools that we have. Rest assure that if we have a way to help, in a way that we have used before, we will strive to use it in a better way with your next project.